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What Types of Surgical Technician Degrees and Certifications Exist?

Surgical technician degrees are usually offered at the bachelor's level or as surgical technician certificate programs. Read below for more information on the types of training programs that exist.

  • Surgical Technician Certificate: Surgical technician diploma and certificate programs often provide students with the most basic requirements they need to find entry-level work in a health care facility. These programs typically last between 9 months and under two years, and will teach students how to prepare patients for surgery, monitor their vital signs, sterilize equipment and communicate with anesthesiologists, nurses and doctors using professional medical terminology.
  • Associate of Applied Science in Surgical Technology: Surgical technologist associate degrees are available as online and on-campus programs and train students to become entry-level health care practitioners and assistants. Students will need to complete a combination of general education courses, as well as major courses in medical terminology, anatomy, pharmacology, surgical equipment and more. Associate's programs typically last between 18 months and two years, and some feature extra certification in CPR.
  • Associate of Science in Allied Health or Medical Assisting: An alternative to a surgical technician degree is a degree in allied health or medical assisting. These programs also typically last between 18 months and two years and require students to complete general education courses as well as introductory level health sciences courses. Allied health programs give surgical technician students the opportunity to specialize in an area like anesthesiology, preparing them for future work in the field or for a surgical technician certificate program.
What Are The Most Popular Online Surgical Technician Colleges?

Below you will find examples of education and training programs that prepare students for work as surgical technicians.

  1. Brown Mackie College: Akron, Atlanta, Boise, Cincinnati, Fort Wayne, Findlay, Louisville, Merrillville, Michigan City, North Canton, Tucson, Northern Kentucky

    Surgical Technology program: This program teaches students the skills they need to become an entry-level surgery technician. Courses will cover the technologies, principles and practices related to anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, anesthesia and more.

  2. Virginia College: Mobile, AL

    Surgical Technologist Diploma: During the course of this diploma program, students will learn skills they need to assist nurse anesthetists, anesthesiologists, registered nurses and surgeons. The program introduces students to operating room technologies through lab work and class lectures.

  3. High-Tech Institute:

    Surgical Technologist: This surgical technician program introduces students to general medical subjects like physiology and anatomy, and gives them more focused skills in using operating room technologies and working in a lab. Students also earn their CPR certification and learn to sterilize and set up surgical instruments.

  4. Argosy University: Twin Cities

    Associate of Applied Sciences, Medical Assisting: Those who want future careers as surgical technicians can learn about the basics of health care protocol and patient care in this program. Argosy's AAS program allows students to choose a full-time track that can be completed in 12-18 months or in 16-24 months. Students must complete 21 hours of general education classes plus major core courses.

  5. Independence University: Online

    Associate of Science in Allied Health: This fast-track program allows students with some experience in anesthesiology, lab technology and other allied health fields earn their AS degree in half the time. Students who can transfer 30 credits from another program only have to complete 30 hours at Independence University. An AS degree in allied health can provide future surgical technicians with the general health sciences education they need to become capable professionals.

  6. South University: Online

    Associate of Science in Allied Health Science: This online surgical technician program prepares students for careers in the health sciences and at clinics and hospitals. Students take accelerated 5 1/2-week courses and can earn their degree in just 18 months or less, if they have transferrable college credits.

  7. Keiser University Online: Online

    Associate of Science in Medical Assisting: Keiser's online degree program for surgical technicians and other health science students teaches skills in patient safety, communicating with medical terminology, working in a lab, conducting clinical procedures, and more. To graduate, students must also complete 24 credit hours of general education classes.

  8. Southwest Florida College: Ft. Meyers, Tampa

    Surgical Tech: After graduating from this program, students should expect to be able to compete for entry-level jobs as surgical technicians. The program features academic and clinical courses, preparing students for work in private surgical centers, hospitals, medical centers and more.

  9. Herzing College: New Orleans, Toledo

    Associate of Applied Science in Surgical Technology: This program teaches students the basic skills they need to become a surgical technologist. They will learn how to sterilize equipment and operating room drapes, set up surgical equipment, and getting patients ready for surgery by cleaning incision sites. This program also teaches students how to observe patients' vital signs during surgery and read patient charts.

  10. Everest College: Salt Lake City

    Surgical Technologist Program: In this surgical technician program, students will learn skills in patient preparation, sterilization, equipment maintenance, preventing infection and more. The program also awards students CPR certification and includes courses in anatomy, pharmacology, medical terminology and more.

What is the Average Salary of a Surgical Technician?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average salary of a surgical technician was between $30,300 and $43,560 in May 2006. Those who worked in doctor's offices earned the most on average, at $37,300. Surgical technicians who work in states with fewer qualified professionals, however, earn more. Surgical technicians in Alaska, for example, earned an average annual wage of $50,000, and those in Connecticut earned $47,620, on average.

Resources to Read When Choosing a Surgical Technician School

Check out these resources for information on the industry as a whole, on surgical technician school accreditation, and more.

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook Surgical Technologists: In this overview, you can read job outlook estimates, earnings statistics and salary reports, training and education requirements and other information related to the industry. Those who are thinking about becoming a surgical technologist can read about the job conditions and overall industry outlook to get a better feel for the career they'd like to pursue.
  • Everest College: Read Everest College's overview of their surgical tech program and the surgical tech industry to learn about the kinds of job opportunities you'll enjoy as a surgical technician. The guide also gives prospective students a good idea of the kinds of classes they'll need to take and the skills they'll need to master in surgical technician school.
  • Association of Surgical Technologists: This site is an excellent resource for anyone thinking about earning a degree or surgical technician certification. The AST provides information about the profession and industry, continuing education options, different kinds of surgical technician certification, salary comparison, and more.
  • Accreditation and Review Committee on Education in Surgical Technology: This accrediting agency ensures that surgical technology programs are up to the standards necessary to produce capable, skilled health care professionals. You can visit their site to look up accredited surgical technician programs read a description of the allied health industry, and more.

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