The Top 50 Surgeon Bloggers

With the internet making all sorts of information possible, medical professionals have found a place they can share their thoughts, insight, advice, and more. Visit these top 50 blogs for answers to general surgery, specialty, cosmetic, and more. Best Surgeon Bloggers Ranging from general to specialty, these surgeons blog on their careers, life, as well as give helpful advice. 1. Inside Surgery: The editors of this blog are not afraid to report on any surgical topic. Get information on every kind of surgery from amputation to vascular. A recent entry dealt with delays in surgery in an Australian hospital. 2. SurgeXperiences: Both former and future surgical patients can come here to read experiences in surgery. Editions are hosted every other Sunday. You can read past entries by various doctors in different practices, or sign up for future episodes. 3. Respectful Insolence: Part of Science Blogs, Orac is a surgeon/scientist whose self admitted large ego drives his verbal meanderings. The blog focuses on medicine, quackery, science, pseudoscience, history, and pseudohistory. A recent entry dealt with a boy who refused chemotherapy for lymphoma. 4. Better Health: Dr. Val Jones has experience in plastic and pediatric surgery and runs this blog with a variety of medical contributors. Posts are contributed from across the nation and include everything from common problems to mysterious. You can also get a ton of health related information. 5. Made A Difference For That One: Chris is an American Military Surgeon deployed to Iraq who is making a difference in his patient’s lives. Visit here to learn about patients he has treated, along with what you can do to help. It is also full of inspiring messages of survival and hope. 6. Future Surgery: “Future Healthcare” is a leading publication in the health industry. With a section devoted to surgery, visitors can read about the future of the practice, the latest studies, and more. There are also links to other informative areas of healthcare, along with many podcasts. 7. Unbound Medicine: Jon Mikel Iñarritu-Castro is a medical educator who wants to be a surgeon. He often blogs on the latest in surgical happenings, including a girl with eight limbs and a surgical robot. His entry in SurgeXperiences is full of information for those undergoing or practicing surgery. 8. A Chance to Cut: Bard Parker is a general surgeon who blogs on medical and other issues. Because he blogs anonymously, he is free to take on many medical topics in a frank, and occasionally horrifying manner. A recent entry dealt with the unethical relationship between Big Hospital and Acme Surgery. 9. Pauline Chen: Pauline is a surgeon turned author who allows visitors a peek at her book, “Final Exam.” Often blogging for “The New York Times,” her Doctor and Patient articles are definitely worth a read for true life accounts of patient stories. Be sure to check out the “Do You Know What Your Doctor is Talking About” entry for relevant information. 10. Cut on the Dotted Line: Dr. Alice uses her blog to record the course of her residency and reflect on how Christ’s mission can be lived out in medicine, specifically in the field of surgery. Entries deal with everything from movies, to complex surgical tools, to utilizing texting for surgery. 11. Aggravated Doc Surg: This blogger is a general surgeon, husband, father, and coffee guzzler. He writes about medicine and anything else that interests him. A recent entry dealt with the pointless filler in many surgical journals. 12. Buckeye Surgeon: Jeff is a surgeon from Cleveland with interests in laparoscopy and oncology. His blog contains numerous ruminations from a non-academic general surgeon. Entries deal with current events to a look at healthcare from a surgeon’s point of view. 13. Surgeonsblog: Sid Schwab is a mostly retired general surgeon. He shares stories, thoughts, and the occasional ramblings. The sampler entry discusses several patients and conditions. 14. Cutting Through the Crap: Sid Schwab leaves the world of surgery behind to froth at the mouth as the world descends into stupidity, and our politics and citizens seem unable to see it. It focuses mostly on musings and current events. 15. Vitum Medicinus: This 24 year old is in their third year at Canadian medical school. Blogs are on the funny, action-packed, and dramatic moments in a health education. Surgeries range from vasectomies to the extremely dangerous. 16. Other Things Amanzi: Bongi is a general surgeon living and working in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Get comments on the private and state sector, along with the a personal journey through surgery. Entries deal with past and current patients, including their condition and treatments. 17. IntraopOrate: MMT is a surgical first assistant, also known as surgery junkie, ambulance chaser, or trauma slut. Her blog is devoted to relaying her passion for the profession. A recent entry helped medical students sort out all the information they receive. 18. Surgery, Cooking, Art: Dr. B. believes everything should be done with passion, for a reason, and in its time. Many entries deal with recall information, but patient interactions are well worth a read. You can also get links to cooking and art sites. 19. The Scalpel is Mightier Than the Sword: M. is a 19 year old med student who's juggling her second year, massive ego, and dreams of surgery while trying to maintain some semblance of a social life. Visit for updates on her life, a student’s perspective on surgery, and more. 20. Reflections by Dr. Bruce Campbell: Bruce lives in Wisconsin and is an otolaryngologist, a specialist in head and neck surgeries. In addition to the blog, you can get information on disease, specialties, and information for patients. Dr. Campbell gives insights on the medical industry, as well as relevant stories. 21. The Paper Mask: This blog is all about medicine, surgery, and the Australian way of life. Get information and jokes on a variety of medical topics. A recent entry dealt humorously with an invitation to join another medical blog. 22. The Paper Mask: This blog is all about medicine, surgery, and the Australian way of life. Get information and jokes on a variety of medical topics. A recent entry dealt humorously with an invitation to join another medical blog. 23. Stop Paging Me: This team of bloggers post on many medical related topics. The “top lists” are noteworthy, but a recent entry dealt with the stroke of a U.S. Senator and the surgery that followed. It was preceded by an entry on appendicitis. 24. Vagus Surgicalis: The name is Latin for “wandering through surgery.” Jeff Leow is a medical student studying in Melbourne. Posts include medicine from an insider’s perspective, and top posts are on how the iPhone and Facebook are being utilized in healthcare. 25. Frankie’s Hideout: This blog contains the recollections of Frank Drackman, complete with flashbacks and derogative collioqy. He is a doctor living in Belarus and blogs on all things that interest him. A recent entry dealt with circumcisions. 26. Orthopaedic Surgery: This blog is intended for educators, students, and any interested in orthopaedic surgery. Someonect is involved in medical student and resident education. Entries deal with examinations, different surgical topics, and you can even view a surgery video. 27. Bright Lights, Cold Steel: This blog is written by a surgery resident in their last year of training. Although there hasn’t been a post in a while, you can still get a harrowing look inside the life of a surgeon. The most recent entry dealt with what was supposed to be a Sunday off. 28. Sooner State Surgeon: Lana Nelson is a female general surgeon practicing in Norman, OK. She blogs on health, obesity, and surgical topics. Although the blog is short, you can get information on no scar surgery, weight loss procedures, and a link to The Prevention Plan. Best Plastic Surgery Blogs With cosmetic surgery becoming more and more popular, it is worth a look to check out one or all of these top blogs on plastic surgery. 29. Cosmetic Surgery: Robert Kotler is a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon who blogs for WebMD. Get tips and information about aging well, skin care, facelifts, rhinoplasty, and more. There are even links to the community, message boards, and a ton of other medical resources. 30. Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery: Tony Youn is a Michigan-based board certified plastic surgeon who has been featured on Dr. 90210. He blogs on plastic surgery, but more interestingly on celebrities who admit to, or are suspected of, having plastic surgery. Get posts on everyone from Angelina Jolie to Vanessa Williams. 31. Plastic Surgery 101: This blog is a forum for discussing plastic surgery in plain English. Robert Oliver is a surgeon practicing in Birmingham, AL. Get posts on everything from simple skin care to rhinoplasty to healthcare reform. 32. Truth in Cosmetic Surgery: Dr. Di Sala is a board certified plastic surgeon working in Orange County. In addition to cosmetic surgeries, he also does reconstructive. Get a balanced opinion on plastic and cosmetic surgery from someone on the inside. 33. My Cosmetic Surgery Blog: Marianne, Valerie, and Beth are all interested in or have had cosmetic surgery. Learn which procedures worked and which didn’t. Categories include breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, anti-aging, dentistry, and more. 34. Suture for a Living: R.L. Bates is a plastic surgeon living in Little Rock, AR. Her interests are divided between surgery and sewing, which are strived to be presented accurately. Topics range in variety from recommended readings, to loss, to specific medical issues. 35. Rhinoplasty Surgery Blog: This practice is located in Beverly Hills and performs a wide array of services, including rhinoplasty. Categories include nose jobs for males, different ethnicities, and for correcting breathing problems. A recent entry examined why rhinoplasty was useful for beyond the cosmetic. 36. Real Self: Get reviews for cosmetic treatments, plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and more. Experts available to answer questions include plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and cosmetic dentists. With over 23,000 answers already posted, you are sure to find what you’re looking for. 37. Plasmetic: Got a cosmetic product or procedure you want to check out before you buy? Then visit this blog for tons of reviews on everything cosmetic related. With over two thousand posts, you can find information on everything from breast augmentation to tummy tucks, or send in a review of your own. 38. Awful Plastic Surgery: The staff at this site keeps up to date pictures of plastic surgery gone wrong. Focusing mostly on celebrities, get pictures and details on the kind of surgeries you definitely want to avoid. 39. Cosmetic Surgery Insider: This blog contains the untold side of cosmetic and plastic surgery from industry insiders. Although it hasn’t been added to in a while, it is worth a look for its frank depiction of the practice. It includes little known facts, top five and top 10 lists, and observations about other blogs. 40. My Plastic Surgeon USA: The site specializes in finding board certified surgeons in your area. The blog gives the latest news in plastic surgery procedures. There is even the option to ask an expert, join a forum, or read the surgery financing FAQ. 41. The Cosmetic Surgery Directory Blog: This consumer-friendly website can be used as a central resource to answer questions about plastic surgery. Get the latest news in cosmetic surgery, along with what the celebrities are having done to themselves. 42. Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons: Get information about plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons that offer breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and more. Intended for those who live in California, but others will find relevant information on the practice. Be sure to check out the entry on ideal candidates for breast augmentation. Best Specialty Surgery Focusing on everything from the humorous to the graphic, visit these top sites for surgery and more information on the medical practice. 43. Clinical Cases and Images: This blog brings you daily health news and interesting cases. Going into and beyond surgery, you can learn a great deal about the fascinating medical cases of our day. A recent entry dealt with endoscopic sinus surgery. 44. Confessions of a Quack Buster: Get the latest in quackery, health fraud, chiropractic, and other alternative medicines including surgery alternatives. Make sure to check out the articles on psychic surgery and why to avoid it. 45. Grand Rounds: This is the weekly rotating carnival of the best of the medical blogosphere. Get the inside information on rounds from many different surgeons. You can also get rounds from a variety of other medical professionals. 46. Notes of an Anesthesioboist: T. is a wife, mother, and anesthesiologist who loves the oboe. Get a host of information on the goings on the OR from an insider. You can also read entries on motherhood, music, and more. 47. The Sterile Eye: Oyestein is a Norwegian medical photographer who shares his thoughts and experiences in this unusual line of work. You can read more about his line of work or watch an intense video on gruesome medical procedure. You can choose from hip replacement, plucking a mass out of someone’s neck, and more. 48. Healthcare Video: Gary Ashwal is Executive Producer at c.2K Medical, a healthcare communications company specializing in cinematic medical stories. He posts a ton of videos from his own experiences, or collected from around the web. The top five videos of the week can range from humorous to horrifying. 49. Image of Surgery: Visit this site for an array of historic and contemporary images of medical and surgical procedures. You can choose from annotated images, office art, stock, and more. Of note is the historical images that show groundbreaking surgeries and leaders in the field. 50. Medical Gross Analogy: Got a strong stomach and a curiosity in surgery? Then visit this site for a list of surgery videos focusing on the thorax, abdomen, pelvis, head, and neck. Whether researching a surgery for yourself, a family member, or a surgeon interested in learning more, these top 50 blogs are a great read.

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